Melissa inkymel


Born and raised in a small town outside of Chicago.

Currently, resides part time in Chicago, part time Seattle, WA.


Art is Melissa's lifelong passion. When creating, she focuses on the movement within the piece. She is constantly exploring the interaction between the flow of a piece and the human form. When creating on a human canvas, she works to create a piece that complements the body - a piece that allows muscle movements and the body's natural form to accentuate the artwork.


As a lover of art, she is constantly admiring and learning from master artists such as Dali, Picasso, Alphonse Mucha, Alonso Elola, Anna Dittman, Thomas Cian, Miles Johnston and Marco Mazzoni. In addition to drawing inspiration from a wide variety of artists, she is inspired by each client she works with. By learning about their hobbies, interests, ideas and even family background, Melissa is able to create an extraordinary piece that is unique to each individual.


To ensure each tattoo is a work of art one will love for a lifetime, she takes great care in all phases of the tattoo journey - consulting, designing, placement and execution. Between her thoughtful design work and clean technical skills, Melissa helps people express themselves - through color, form and flesh - hopefully leaving them with a more positive body image and perhaps feeling a little tougher for the journey.

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