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How to get tattooed by Mel and other questions

Read through this to find out most any information you may need about how to request a consultation/appointment. 

As time for tattooing becomes more limited, Mel has had to become more selective about the projects

to commit time to. Trying to sign up for clients interested in medium to large scale illustrative projects that flow with the body. Mel loves to work with your ideas to bring them to life, and hopes to find people with ideas that spark creativity and allow creative freedom , open to artist's ideas and  interpretation of the subject or inspiration. Things that will allow the artist to design you would love and age well with you. As an original artist, it is more likely to take on a client with open ideas and less restrictions attached.  People open to size, placement, and design, on clear unmarked skin have a higher chance of being selected.Clients that are dedicated to put in the time and financial investment that is required to complete the projects planned for. The beautiful, more detailed pieces your see in the tattoo portfolio, have clients dedicated to putting in the time in order to get them 

 Currently all tattoo requests have been put on hold.

How much does it cost?

Prices are set at the start of the project. Most are set hourly and few are a fixed price discussed at a time of a consultation. As long as you have an appointment on the books, every 2 months, your rate will stay the same. Your hourly rate is yours, and is subject to change if you decide not to keep current with project and you are only ever charged for actual tattoo time. Deposits are required for drawings, and each session. Deposits are due no later than 1 month before your tattoo date. Your deposit will be applied to each session. 

Where can I get tattooed?

Currently not working in that tattoo industry

Although with current pandemic

ALL appointments have been put on hold. I will be contacting ongoing clients when the health forecast permits. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

How do I care for a new tattoo? 

With newer bandaging, you really leave it covered 5-7 days, until it is healed. If for some reason you have to heal the traditional way... 

   You will need to wash the tattoo 3-4 times daily. Using only clean hands to form a rich lather, rubbing fresh tattoo gently, but throughly. Keep new tattoo unbandaged, clean and dry. After the first 24 hours you can address tightness and dryness by applying a very thin layer of a fragrance free lotion. While washing the tattoo is good, please avoid any prolonged exposure to moisture. No soaking, swimming, hot tubs, or tanning. Keep out of direct sunlight. It is not advised to get a tattoo if you are about to go on vacation or have a large event planned, like a marathon, in the following days. Healing time varies by person, placement and size; but is normal for it to take over 2 weeks to heal.



Any other questions? Feel free to reach out. I don't check my emails daily,

so please allow at least a few days for a reply.


Thank you. 

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