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This is my most recent body of work I have been producing. Most of this work is on wood panel and the wood shines though the colors and gives it gives it a beautiful vibrance when the light shines on it. 

What do you feel holds you back from your goals? In this series, I am experimenting with our walls; our boxes or boundaries. What holds us back, and what we see, and desire. What barriers we feel confine us. This series was started during the pandemic, in times that made even more of us feel extra isolated. We were required to isolate and stuck in a box watching the world outside. We were only able to see out through windows, our screens, outlets to the world outside, or apertures. The news we read, the videos we watch, what internet we consume, these are portals for information. Those lenses shape the realities we see, distort and control our view, even influence how we live and what we desire, only allowing us a narrow point of view. Maybe it made us look at what was going on in other people’s boxes in a different way. A realization on how trapped someone can be, by walls we’ve built, or society has constructed. How when we look at things as outside of our lives, it’s easier to ignore. Maybe we felt how fortunate we are in our own box, or more stuck and restricted than ever. Maybe it made some of us examine our boxes, what we thought we wanted when we were made to hold still.

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