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Set Sail


This is a new series of paintings I have been working on,


In this series I am experimenting with our walls, our boxes, boundaries, and the spaces between contrasting worlds. Those openings between where we are, and what we see. The barriers we feel confine us.

Set Sail - 11.75" x 24.25" Mixed Media on wood panel
Take Flight
Take Flight  - 24.25" x 15.5" Mixed Media on wood panel
With the Flow
Swimming In  - 13.5" x 8" Mixed Media on paper

This series was started during the pandemic, in times that made many of us feel extra isolated, trapped, like we are stuck in a box watching the world outside. But we could only see outside through small portals, apertures in our walls. News, internet, videos, the portals we choose to look through. Those lenses shape the realities we see, distort and control our view,  even what we desire, by only allowing us a narrow point of view. 

Attraction  - 24 x 16" Ink and watercolor on paper


Maybe it made us look at what was going on in other people's boxes in a different way. A realization on how trapped they are, by boxes we've forced them into. How when we look at them as outside our box, it has been easy to pretend that this injustice isn't happening. 


Maybe we felt how fortunate we are in our own box. Maybe it made some of us examine our boxes, what we thought we wanted when we were made to hold still. Those things we took for granted when we had them.

Bluebirds - 16x8" mixed media on wood panel